The IT threat landscape has evolved as data breaches have proliferated in public and private organizations; the main culprit is targeted attacks. Traditional protections are becoming insufficient against these attacks, where perpetrators covertly get in and out with your data. The first step to defend against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) is to understand how they work and how your existing security controls are inadequate.

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Data breaches are a reality in both the public and private sectors. Understand how the attackers and threats have evolved; to better prepare your own defenses

Understanding Targeted Attacks

Today’s hackers are able to avoid detection from your traditional security solutions. These infiltrations into your network are carried out in groups and are no longer a one man effort.

Why Traditional Security Fails

The customized nature of new age attacks have changed the threat landscape. There is no silver bullet to take down these beasts. Check-out recommendations from Garter and Enterprise Strategy Group.

Strategies Against APT

The Trend Micro Custom Defense is a complete set of solutions that equips you with more than just detecting and analyzing attacks, it also quickly adapts and rapidly responds to keep your valuable data safe.

Custom Defense Solutions