The Trend Micro Custom Defense is the industry’s first advanced threat protection solution set that enables you not only to detect and analyze APTs and targeted attacks, but also to rapidly adapt your security controls and respond to these attacks. The solution components of the Custom Defense covers security across Point-of-Entry, C&C Callbacks, Lateral Movements, Endpoint Mitigations, and Support & Services; and echoes the in-depth defense strategy highlighted by Gartner Research.

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Mail Gateway InterScan Messaging Security + Deep Discovery Advisor

Intercept spear-phishing emails with Advanced Threat Scan Engine (ATSE) and route suspicious attachments to Deep Discovery Advisor (DDA) for sandbox analysis.

Web Gateway InterScan Web Security + Deep Discovery Advisor

Intercept malicious URL and web traffic with Advanced Threat Scan Engine (ATSE) and route suspicious files to Deep Discovery Advisor (DDA) for sandbox analysis.

Internal Mail ScanMail for Exchange + Deep Discovery Advisor

Intercept internal email traffic with Advanced Threat Scan Engine (ATSE) and route suspicious attachments to Deep Discovery Advisor (DDA) for sandbox analysis.

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Network Sensor + Sandboxing Deep Discovery Inspector

Deep Discovery Advisor

Discover C&C communication, lateral movements and APT backdoor agents on compromised devices, inside your network. Out-of-band network inspection for malicious contents, traffic, and attack behaviors, across 80+ protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, IM ,IRC,DNS, P2P, SMB, and database protocols. Built-in, off-line blocking via TCP-reset.

Open, scalable, and customizable sandboxing analysis. Multiple customizable sandboxes to match specific operating systems and application configurations. Accepts suspicious files and executable from email gateways, network devices, and other sources.

In-line Threat Termination Network VirusWall

Integrate with Deep Discovery to terminate command & control (C&C) communications between attacker and compromised devices.

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Deep Security*

Shields known system or application vulnerabilities on critical servers from exploitation - give IT operation more time to test and deploy critical patches when they are announced.

Monitors critical systems/servers for unauthorized changes via file integrity monitoring - prevent waterhole attack.

A single server security platform for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Security modules includes: Host IDS/IPS, anti-malware, bi-directional stateful firewall, integrity monitoring and log inspection



Automatic distribution of custom cleaning instructions and signatures to remove hidden backdoor agents from compromised endpoints.

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Advanced Persistent Threats - Related

Custom Defense Services

Services specifically designed to assist your IT operation and security team to address advanced persistent threats (APTs) - from assessment, to advisory, to monitoring & alert, to incident response.

  • Critical System Assessment: Onsite critical systems health check & breach preventive recommendation.
  • Network Assessment: 3-4 weeks of network assessment to collect and monitor network traffic - with the goal to gain visibility of any malicious activities on the network and endpoints.
  • Monthly Advisory services-On a monthly basis, analyze the Deep Discovery logs and provide recommendations – deliver threat visibility and trends with expert advice, such as where customer may want to improve and adjust its security posture.
  • 24x7 Monitoring & alert - remote monitoring of logs and events from Deep Discovery deployments to augment day-to-day security operations. Early notification of potential risks, breach or attack activities.
  • Breach Investigation - Onsite investigation by security experts to determine whether a security breach has taken place, the extent of it, and provide mitigation recommendations.
  • Custom Signature SLO - Commitment to deliver custom signature files within 6 hours, 24x7, upon receipt of file samples.
  • System Cleanup - Assist with mitigation and cleanup of compromised systems.

Professional Support Program

Proactive, personalized service, combining round-the-clock, urgent priority handling of service requests with leading edge antivirus, content security, and technical expertise to quickly address issues and deliver product knowledge.

All of our Premium Support options - Silver, Gold and Gold plus - entitle you to an assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM), a trusted security advisor who fully understands your business. Your TAM provides proactive notifications based on your current product set and personally facilitates your cases within Trend Micro to provide faster resolution.